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All Electric Fly-In - Sunday June 8th 2008
We cater for all who are interested in Model Flying, the young and not so young, male and also the fairer sex, experienced or beginner.  If you've never flown before or don't know how to get started, then we have experienced instructors to help get you into the air.
We're a friendly bunch, always willing to lend a little advice.  Feel free to come up and give us a look, we always like to talk about our favourite hobby. If you would like to speak to someone before visiting then feel free to contact us, just go to our contact page for info.
We like all types of model flight ......... I/C powered (glow, petrol or diesel), electric, gliding and helicopters. From the basic trainer to the most detailed scale model, we like to encompass all types of model aircraft.
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The Phoenix Model Flying Club flies 2.4Ghz & 35Mhz only on even frequencies (60, 62, 64 etc).

This is a list of frequencies used by the club and how many members use each frequency. The idea of this is to get an even spread of members using each frequency, so alleviating members having to queue up to get a frequency to use.

Updated ..... 3rd April 2008

Freq Mhz Channel No.  Members
34.960 56 1
34.980 58 1
35.000 60 2
35.020 62 1
35.040 64 1
35.060 66 2
35.080 68 2
35.100 70 2
35.120 72 2
35.140 74 2
35.160 76 1
35.180 78 1
35.200 80 1
35.220 82 3
35.240 84 1
35.260 86 2
35.280 88 2
35.300 90 2
2.4 Ghz N/A 8

Thinking about taking flying classes?

If you want to transform your fling dreams into reality, you must go to a flying club. Designed to offer assistance in the first steps towards flying, these clubs are suitable for people of any gender or age. Experienced instructors will stand by your side for your entire experience and you will sure learn at least the basic information about model flying. If you want to make things even more interesting, go to the classes with a ravishing model from www.escortguide.co.uk and you will certainly have a memorable adventure together.

Have a great experience in the air

Many schools promise you that you will learn to fly within weeks. But you must possess the basic information before you will actually get to fly. But if you want to get a pilot’s certificate, you should know that it will take you a few months and several thousands of pounds. You will first have to survive a ground-school instruction, then in-the-air training. However, medical exam, having good eyesight and proper hearing are also important when it comes to flying.

If you go to one of these classes with a beautiful young model from http://www.escortguide.co.uk/escorts/city_gb_london, you will sure have a great time together. Both of you will learn that flying is a lot easier than driving a car. More and more people find pleasure in learning how to fly, discovering the secrets of pilots, aircrafts, how to navigate and the way they communicate. A good instructor will nurture your desires to fly and he will gladly open the road to this awesome and thrilling activity.

Attend to one of the courses with a beautiful lady by your side and this meeting will sure develop into a memorable adventure. Find a model that will suit your taste and desire, establish your appointment and find together what it takes to fly. Most adrenaline junkies just dream about flying, but you will actually fulfill your dreams in the best possible way. Whether you will learn to fly in a four-place airplane such as Cessna 172 or you will get to fly in a comfortable Cirrus SR20, you will sure enjoy the feeling of being in the air, up and above everything.

If you pay the right price, you can even bring your companion with you, in the plane. Navigating in a private aircraft will encourage you to get more and more out of your experience and your instructor will definitely be proud of your skills. However, your sweet companion will be more than eager to repeat this adventure, as soon as you will be allowed to fly again. You will first have to acquire the student pilot certificate, but after a few weeks of learning how to fly you will be able to put into practice your knowledge.

Take flying classes and explore the perks of becoming a pilot! Fly in a wonderful plane, bring your friend with you and you will sure have a memorable adventure up in the air!

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